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Integrity Arts is a school for Leaders delivered by Leaders. Its sole purpose is to create the conditions for people to discover their own unique leadership capacities and ultimately provide empowerment that has a positive cultural impact on the world.

Our Vision is to be a leadership school whose primary focus is the creation of teachers and stewards of service and mastery. A school with a capacity to live beyond any one instructor or any one leader. Our school will transcend current models and our economic needs will be driven by ensuring the permanent sustainability of the school.

This is the first tenet of membership at Integrity Arts. Our primary entrance requirement is simple, and exact, and achieved by asking two simple but critical questions:

  • Why are you here? And,
  • What are you ‘up to’ in the world?

Once these questions are answered and understood, you will become part of a community of people with similar clarity of their own personal intention. Colleagues who will support, facilitate, and steward your journey; whatever that journey of positive impact may be.

At Integrity Arts, we create individual capacity to be ‘Response-ABLE’ – physically, intellectually, and emotionally that results in ACTION, GROWTH, AND ACHIEVEMENT

Our Values are:

  • Simple
  • Doable
  • Practical, and
  • Workable

Values that always start from a correct context, and a clear intention. An intention that fuels individual passion and desire to achieve goals and objectives that come straight from the heart and in the true spirit of service – the outcome of which can only be described in one word: Integrity.

“Courtesy will be extended; Respect will be earned”leadership_qualities

Instead of talking about ‘Leadership’, we exemplify leadership, through the ONLY thing that matters: our ACTIONS.