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Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu

“It’s the mortar, that bridges our traditional arts. Creating a bond that deepens our understanding and skill; bringing all practitioners closer together”

– Sensei Greg Martin

Koryu Uchinadi is based on the Karate of the late 1800’s before sport, ranking and styles. When Karate was only about self-improvement and self-defense.

Established as a pragmatic alternative to the plethora of terribly ambiguous and highly dysfunctional styles of “traditional” karate, Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu (古流沖縄手拳法術) is a modern interpretation of Okinawa’s historic fighting arts: Tegumi, Ti’gwa, Torite, Buki-gwa & Kata. A completely systematized method of learning and teaching, delivered in a traditional atmosphere, honouring both the culture from which it comes and the pioneers who forged its practice, Koryu Uchinadi is both and art and a science.

Seek not to [blindly] follow in the footsteps of the men of old but rather continue to seek out what they sought.

– Matsuo Basho

Tradition doesn’t mean preserving someone’s ashes in a box but rather keeping its flame alight.”

– Jean Janses

Patrick McCarthy Hanshi [Hanshi 9th Dan/範士9段]

Researcher, author, competitive champion, sought after seminar instructor and founding director of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society/琉球唐手術国際研究会

Originally from Canada, Hanshi McCarthy migrated to Japan during the mid 1980’s, married and spent many years there before relocating to Austalia in 1995, then to California in 2019. Hanshi McCarthy studied the fighting arts since childhood and decided early on, “to live his dream?” Hanshi McCarthy was able to successfully transform a passion into a profession and has never regretted taking that chance; now, Hanshi McCarthy dedicated to helping other like-minded enthusiasts achieve their dream.

Hanshi McCarthy is a Japan-accredited instructor [Hanshi 9th Dan/範士9段], writer and founding director of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society/琉球唐手術国際研究会… est.1989 in Japan. Hanshi McCarthy’s publications include, ‘The Bubishi,” “Classical Kata of Okinawan Karate,” “Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts, Volumes 1 & 2,” “Tales of Okinawa’s Great Masters,” “Tanpenshu”  [Funakoshi Gichin’s Finest Work], “Karate, My Art” [Motobu Choki’s Finest Work].

Vancouver Island Shibucho

Join me Hanshi Patrick McCarthy in welcoming Greg Martin, Kancho of Integrity Arts, in Victoria, BC [Canada] as our official Vancouver Island Shibucho. Greg Shihan is a skillful martial artist, highly qualified instructor and an inspirational leader. Drawing attention towards our movement, in an effort to build strength through numbers, requires a proactive game plan, fusing technical skills and pedagogical insight with effective mentoring skills. I believe that he is the perfect person for the challenge, which lies ahead. On behalf of the IRKRS, I would like to congratulate Greg on the new position and wish him all the best as he begins to find his way around the international KU community, and establish himself as our official representative.