Our Core Programs

Karate – As one of the oldest martial arts, the origins of indigenous okinawan karate or ‘te’ was developed for self defence. Karate application relies on a deep understanding of anatomy, physics, and biomechanics. Karate practice, specifically ‘kata practice’ is the way to condition oneself and begin to understand the deeper, and in most cases the hidden techniques of self defence.

Aikido – The core principle of aikido is to never use force against force, and to accept, harmonize, and steward outside forces to a peaceful resolution. Aikido is about always staying balanced, in an unbalanced world; and to use this ability to create connection and relationship.

‘Beginner +’ – Our 8 week beginner + plus program consists of private 1-on-1 lessons with Sensei, a specific beginner cohort welcoming and orientation, and a mentored transition into our regular classes. All at a special discounted beginner rate.




Our Seminar Series

Executive Martial Leadership Boot Camp

Leading others is hard work, you do it mostly alone, you’re outnumbered, and you will be held entirely responsible. Don’t you think its time you had some ‘real’ support? Is it time to significantly increase your leadership capacity? This is the kind of leadership practice that will definitely up your game and positively influence and enrol the people you work with.

(Girls ONLY) Bitch Slap Boot Camp

Break free of the limiting belief that gender, size, and strength, defines your ability to overcome the adversity of a conflict. Not True. You have untapped and unrealized advantages that have the potential to be a game changer.

Second Half Martial Arts Wisdoms 

You’re reached a stage in your life where you choose take on the solo practice of slow and purposeful meditative martial and qigong practice. And you’re interested in learning and reinforcing the martial basics and the fundamentals of balance, agility, and power to a level of proficiency, while considering the root applicability of every movement for context, confidence and enjoyment.

Father & Son / Mom & Daughter

Looking for a unique activity with your son or daughter that will result in a real connection? This seminar involves physical, emotional, and intellectual activities that range from fun to meaningful. That will create a shared experience of bonding with purpose, and leave you both with awesome memories of your time together.

Reaching Bourne Level 1 to 5

Whether you’re an action movie geek (like we are) or interested in developing some simple strategies for protection, this seminar explores the concepts on the big screen in useful ways to stay safe.

Non-Violent and Effective Conflict Resolution

The journey of life naturally results in conflict at times, how do you handle your conflict? Do your interactions with conflict produce positive outcomes? Do you create or destroy relationship? How we react to conflict will make all the difference to our success in life, relationship and community.

High Performance Team Building

What’s it take to create a high performing team? A vision, clear purpose, motivating goals, defined span of control, the right people, or maybe just the right leader. In any event, prepare yourself to discover what untapped opportunities your team has to become high performing.

Find Your Purpose & Learn How to Fight for It

What’s your core purpose in life? Not sure, this specially designed seminar will create the conditions for you to define clearly what your purpose is and how to use it to motivate and take necessary action. Navy Seals use this process and now you can too.

NoJo Fight Club

This is where we’ll bring the ‘fight’ to you, or a location of your choosing. This is our Mobile Martial Leadership program that takes the best of what we do directly to where you want your training to happen and in a fully customized way. It’s where everyone has a chance to participate and be the best that they can be without constraint, while maintaining their freedom of choice.

Youth Leadership

One-to-One and One-to-Few Youth Leadership development that is focused on utilizing the special and unique talents that are centric to the young individual. Here we focus on the select few that warrant advanced development since they have already proven their potential for leadership and want to take their capacity to the next level.