Any Ass can Throw a Sucker Punch

Any Ass can Throw a Sucker Punch or Hurl an Insult, BUT…

It takes a real leader to establish and create relationship. Far too often we humans make quick conclusions and judgments about others and/or other situations. Either because it’s convenient, or because we’re protecting our own ego, or we’re fearful, or a combination of all three.

To build the skills and the capacity to lead and steward our selves away from these habits and into an ability to create relationship requires a disciplined practice, and that practice is Martial Leadership.

The capacity to create relationship from conflict is a capacity that has to be learned through experience, you can’t learn it from a book, a YouTube video, or a TedTalk.

Having an intellectual, physical, and an emotional learning experience is the only way to grow the capacity to perform under stress with clarity, and a calm and assured confidence that enrolls others into relationship and away from unproductive conflict.

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Authored by Greg Martin for Integrity Arts – Martial Leadership School


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